The American Legion Department of South Carolina



All Tickets & money for 2024 Rifle Raffle due back to The American Legion Department of SC, 103 Legion Plaza Rd, Columbia, SC, no later than June 6, 2024.

No person under the age of 18 may not participate or receive winnings.  Drawings begin on July 10, 2024 for two Rifles a day for a total of 52 Rifles.  Winners will receive the prize from list A or B.  Winners MUST bring a government issued ID. A military ID cannot be accepted.  To be eligible to win the rifle, you must consent and be able to pass a background check.  

Winners will be notified via email or phone, if the email and or phone number is provided and legible on the ticket.  If not, we will contact the post to see if the Post is able to contact the winner.  

WINNERS will have 30 days from date of being notified to claim prize. Alternate winners will have 15 days from the date of being notified.  Winners are verified at The American Legion, Department of SC, 103 Legion Plaza Rd, Columbia, SC  29210, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.  

After verification at The American Legion, you will proceed to Sportsman's Warehouse, 476 Piney Grove Road, Columbia, SC. 

We would like to thank Sportsman's Warehouse and their folks for working with The American Legion this year, we think it will be a great partnership.

This is at the intersection of Piney Grove Road and I-26.

 2024 Winners 

JULY 10, 2024-A Damian Howarth Boiling Springs Post 200
JULY 10, 2024-B Dale Inman Buffalo Post 87
JULY 11, 2024-A Edward Ramos-Larios Dalzell-Shaw Post 175
JULY 11, 2024-B George Hakim Laurens Post 25
JULY 12, 2024-A Bruce Alexander Easley Post 52
JULY 12, 2024-B Paul J. Goulet Chapin Post 193
JULY 13, 2024-A John O'Donald Gaffney Post 109
JULY 13, 2024-B Eddie Moody Pelion Post 101
JULY 14, 2024-A Macarthur Forrest Meggett Post 145
JULY 14, 2024-B Cory Booth Belton Post 51
JULY 15, 2024-A Steve Townsend Liberty Post 67
JULY 15-2024-B Ronnie Howell Union Post 22
JULY 16, 2024-A Michael Collins Congaree Post 90
JULY 16, 2024-B Bosco Wang Laurens Post 25
JULY 17, 2024-A Michael L. Elliott Buffalo Post 87
JULY 17, 2924-B Robert Perunko Laurens Post 25
JULY 18, 2024-A Carmarius Johnson Charleston Post 112
JULY 18, 2024-B George Furbee Andrews Post 69
JULY 19, 2024-A Shawn Hughes Laurens Post 25
JULY 19, 2024-B Michael Carter Laurens Post 25
JULY 20, 2024-A Devin Thigpen Turbeville Post 132
JULY 20, 2024-B Paul Flachek Myrtle Beach Post 40
JULY 21, 2024-A Paul J. Wiese Lexington Post 7
JULY 21, 2024-B Allen Steele Chesterfield Post 74
JULY 22, 2024-A James Rickey Funderburk Hartsville Post 53
JULY 22, 2024-B Scott Johnson Aynor Post 81
JULY 23, 2024-A John Edward Brock Jr. Chesterfield Post 74
JULY 23, 2024-B Eric Keisler Chapin Post 193
JULY 24, 2024-A Miguel E Martinez Sr.  Harleyville Post 128
JULY 24, 2024-B Wilbur Duane Johnson Cayce Post 130
JULY 25, 2024-A Robert Nadobny Mt. Pleasant Post 136
JULY 25, 2024-B John L. McKnight "JR" Union Post 22
JULY 26, 2024-A Richard Gardner Pageland Post 92
JULY 26-2024-B Chris Mann Easley Post 52
JULY 27, 2024-A Deborah Sox Congaree Post 90
JULY 27, 2024-B James M Reece Chapin Post 193
JULY 28, 2024-A Mark S. Foster Cowpens Post 125
JULY 28, 2024-B Jerry Lebar Chapin Post 193
JULY 29, 2024-A    
JULY 29, 2024-B    
JULY 30, 2024-A    
JULY 30, 2024-B    
JULY 31, 2024-A    
JULY 31, 2024-B    
AUGUST 1, 2024-A    
AUGUST 1, 2024-B    
AUGUST 2, 2024-A    
AUGUST 2, 2024-B    
AUGUST 3, 2024-A    
AUGUST 3, 2024-B    
AUGUST 4, 2024-A    
AUGUST 4, 2024-B